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  • 10 deals which changed the chip industry in 2014

    December 22nd, 2014

    A number of big company acquisitions in 2014 look like they will restructure the wireless chipset market. One of the oldest names in semiconductor…

  • TDK improves PFC efficiency

    December 19th, 2014

    Power factor correction (PFC) can be more efficient at partial loads, according to UK power supply firm TDK-Lambda, which has patented its technique. PFC…

  • REF university research tables steer UK funding

    December 18th, 2014

    The 2014 REF (Research Excellence Framework)  results been officially published today, being noteworthy for their influence on UK research investment. Specifically, the research was conducted by the…

  • Crocus sensors for flexible displays

    December 15th, 2014

    Crocus, the magnetically enhanced IC specialist, has prototyped a bendable display using flexible sensors and is looking for applications and customers for it.

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