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Video creation & production services with the Electronics Weekly experts.  We can help you create a video or series from concept to completion and even provide marketing services to get your video content out to the industry.  We will help you every step of the way, from script, presenting, production, editing to marketing it. View more »

Logo_IoT_web-01IoT Design Conference and Exhibition

Our 2016 IoT Design Conference and Exhibition is already beginning to take shape, with the aim of keeping our readers up to date with the latest trends and technologies surrounding this important area. View full details of the event at, including the successful 2015 conference and exhibition.

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SecureSystemsSummitLogo_WEBIoT Secure Systems Summit 2016

Systems security is the meeting point of hardware and software. The one day conference and workshop at the CodeNode in London’s Tech City will take place in December 2016. Connecting millions of electronic devices to the internet will create significant security issues. Developers are being advised to design in security protection from day one. This goes beyond the IoT. All hardware running software, either open source or commercial, will need to be secure to unforeseen attacks.

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