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    BBC Micro Rides Again

    In an age which knows the price of everything and the value of little, it’s uplifting to see the revival of a great initiative.

    35 years ago, the BBC launched its micro. Loads of young people gained their first understanding of computers from the BBC Micro and its complementary…

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    Raspberry Pi makes IoT happen in the home

    A developer in Australia has demonstrated a real-world application of IoT which is topical right now –  a Raspberry Pi module which closes the blinds and turns the aircon up.

    The Raspberry Pi has been setup by Chris Rieger to connect wirelessly to the network, and a web interface is…

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    Semi Sales Up in US, China, Asia/Pac; Down In Europe And Japan.

    May semiconductor sales were 2% up on April snd 5% up on May 2014, reports the SIA. May sales were $28.2 billion.

    “The global semiconductor industry overcame lingering macroeconomic uncertainty to post solid year-to-year growth in May,” says SIA CEO John Neuffer, “year-to-year sales have…

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    China should look to Russia for industrial example

    ONE of  the big problems China is facing in her efforts to create an industrial society is to establish methods of standardisation. This applies with particular force in the manufacture of radio receivers.

    So 54 years ago, starts a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of April 12th 1961…

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    Intel Sinks To Third Place In Capex

    Intel has sunk to third place in the capex league, reports Semico Research.

    For many years Intel used to say it was a generation or more ahead of the rest of the industry on process but, whereas Intel has stuck to its Moore’s Law cadence of doubling density every…

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    Uber Pooper

    Over a dinner in the South of France last week the conversation naturally roamed to Uber which had just been banned by France’s Minister for the Interior.

    The banker at the table argued that banning free competition was a bad thing.

    I argued that an unregulated app competing with…

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