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    Come Back Neelie

    Post-Neelie Kroes the EC is taking its foot off the pedal in liberalising telecoms.

    The rosming charge, due to dnd this year, won’t now end until June 2017.

    As from April 2017 there will be a new cap on roaming surcharges of 5 eurocents per minute for calls…

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    Direct sunlight to hydrogen recipe is a lot like solar cells.

    Apparently, tungsten diselenide can enable sunlight to split water into hydrogen and oxygen without the intervention of a photovoltaic cell and electrolysis.

    And researchers at the Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne have found a cheap way to integrate WSe2 into a solar cell that gives off hydrogen…

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    Components Bureau sells Jamicon supercaps

    Components Bureau is selling a range of supercapacitors from Jamicon. The DA series are electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs) which are designed to be used as coin cell battery replacements in quick charge and discharge applications.

    Andrew Ferrier, Components Bureau describes the benefits of the supercapacitors:

    “Compared to the more…

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    Top Ten Analogue Vendors

    Thanks to IC Insights for this – the top ten analogue suppliers in 2014:

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    Gadget Watch: Floating record player

    Record players are back in vogue at the moment and here’s one that really stands out, in an upright fashion. Or should I say, floats out? It’s a “Floating Record Player…

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    Zolt: an ac-dc converter challenge

    Zolt of San Jose has set itself a tough design challenge – squeezing a 70W three output mains power supply into a package 76mm long and 33mm in diameter weighing 85g. Input range is 110 to 240Vac.

    And the size includes the three output sockets and the mains plug – admittedly a…

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