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    The 8Tb Memory Chip

    Crossbar, the RRAM specialist, says it has solved a major obstacle to RRAM’s commercialisation – what Crossbar calls ‘sneak path current’ (aka leakage…

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    element14 awards community winners

    The element14 Community has announced the winners of its annual Community Awards, identifying the most inspiring projects completed in 2014.

    The winners are as follows:

    Product of the Year: Raspberry Pi B+
    Technology of the Year: The Internet of Things (IoT)
    Design Challenge of the Year: ‘Forget Me Not’ Challenge…

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    The Ten Worst Inventions

    These are the ten inventions which have caused the most misery:

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    Manufacturing Is Important (Again)

    Vince Cable and Bobby Kennedy’s grandson have something in common – a wish to resurrect manufacturing in their countries…

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    Light up your bicycle wheels

      Monkeylectric has been making things to make pictures in bicycle wheels for a while.

    Its Monkey Light gadgets involve a strip of RGB leds that mount in the wheel radially.

    Flashing the leds as the wheel rotates makes a picture appear – a sort of circular raster-scan.

    Anyway, its latest…

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    Make a hoverboard

    IMHO, many leaf bloweresget used to blow litter and leaves into the street, where it becomes sombody-elses-problem.

    How much better, should you have four of them, to make a hoverboard.

    Mr Hoverboard shows you how.

    That said, it suffers from those tricky hovercraft issues of lack of steering…

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