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    When Blair Was Right

    Tony Blair was wrong about almost everything – wars, the Euro, super-casinos, 24 hour opening etc etc but one thing he got right…

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    BF Bollox

    Black Friday seems like a con to me. Or maybe it’s the British way of doing it.

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    Europe Must Fund First Production Fabs, says Chery

    The closing presentation of the European Nanoelectronics Forum 2014 was given, appropriately, by the man leading the charge to restore Europe’s technology manufacturing ecompetitiveness…

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    Fable: The Agent Of Growth

    There was once an executive who  left a top job with a chip company with revenues of $1 billion annually to take, at a lower salary, a job as CEO of a company with $100 million in annual revenues…

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    You can now buy Adesto low power flash from Future Electronics

    You can now buy Adesto Technologies DataFlash and serial flash from Future Electronics.

    Adesto’s product line also includes its Conductive Bridging RAM (CBRAM), which is optimised for low power operation.

    Founded in 2007, California-based Adesto holds more than 100 patents with dozens more in process and is working…

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    I met EW's 'Rising star new engineer of the year'

    I attended Electronics Weekly’s Elektra Awards last night and sat next to the graduate who won Rising Star New Engineer of the Year – Daniel Marshall.

    What an impressive, enthusiastic, and nice guy.

    For me, the impressive bit is that he didn’t actually do an electronic engineering degree at…

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