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    'Sudden Impact' Wearables Design Challenge - The inside view

    The ‘Sudden Impact’ Wearables Design Challenge has closed to entries and the winner is announced. Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community of element14 shares an insider’s summary of the entries received and the design challenges their ingenious creators faced when building wearable devices for detecting sports injuries…

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    Tsinghua Boss Visits Micron

    The mountain went to Mohammed last week when Zhao Weiguo, Chairman of Tsinghua Unigroup visited Micron’s Board of Directors, reports Srini Sundarararajan at Summit Research Partners.

    Sundarararajan speculates that Zhao was investigating alternatives to an outright takeover of Micron – for instance a transfer of Micron technology in return for…

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    Winners drawn for R&S Scope competition prizes

    The oscilloscope competition draw has been made! We had three excellent HMO1002 scopes to give away, from test and measurement specialists Rohde & Schwarz. And there were also 25 Power Banks mobile phone portable chargers as runner-up prizes, too…

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    Computer Accepts Two Languages

    Burroughs Adding Machine Company in America have announced a new general-purpose computing system, the B5000, which has been designed to accept the two machine languages, Cobol and Algol, developed for easier programming.

    So, 54 years ago, started a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of March 1st 1961.


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    Raspberry Pi becomes a laptop

    We all know that Raspberry Pi is a useful tiny computer but now you can make it into a laptop PC with 13-inch screen and keyboard.

    Two developers have come up with the idea of combining the processing power of a Raspberry Pi with 3D printing to create a…

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    China Eyeing Up GloFo.

    China is talking to Abu Dhabi about buying GloFo, reports Digitimes.

    China’s Hua Capital Management fund which manages China’s National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund is talking to GloFo’s owner, the Advanced Technology Investment Corp (ATIC) of Abu Dhabi, about buying GloFo.

    China recently allocated $19 billion…

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