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    Medical Technologies Centre wins EPSRC funding

    One for the medical sector. The University of Leeds Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) has won £3 million to continue its medical technology research…

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    Intel's Marketing Wiz

    The founders of Intel are usually cited as Noyce, Moore and Grove with Fairchild marketing wiz Bob Graham omitted…

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    OMG: There's A Plague Of IoT Hacking

    The new craze, it seems, is showing how shitty the security on IoT deployments is.

    A couple of hours ago, the latest example was the $100 gadget from OwnStar to unlock any GM car.

    Now it’s hacking into self aiming rifles to change their targets.

    If IOT is not…

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    Roll up for Android Studio 1.3

    Google is issuing a major update for its Android development (and testing) environment, Android Studio. It was previewed earlier at Google I/O, but Android Studio 1.3 is now available on the stable release channel…

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    Thsnks to Dr Bob for this one – it seems that car hacking just became commoditised – open to all and sundry with a $100 gadget from OwnStar which can unlock any OnStar-enabled GM-made car.

    Here’s the reference:…

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    Most read Gadget Master posts in July

    By the power of Google Analytics, let’s see what clicked on Gadget Master in the month of July.

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