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    The Intel-Altera Minuet

    21 years after Intel got out of the programmable logic market by selling its failing programmable logic  business to Altera, it is widely reported that it’s getting back in again by buying Altera…

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    Book Review: Smashing Android UI

    At the most recent Droidcon London, one of the most impressive speakers, for me, was Juhani Lehtimaki. It subsequently made me check out his book, which I’m happy to report is equally good - Smashing Android UI

    It’s not cheap, at £27.99, but the first thing that strikes…

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    Investment in technology could be an Election vote winner

    Investment in technology could be a vote winner at the General Election in May.

    Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne certainly thinks so which is why he lined up a number of technology initiatives in his recent Budget statement.

    Driverless cars, the internet of things and smart cities, Osborne has…

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    The downside of patent law, increasingly felt today, was seen in the pre and post 1893 spread of telephones in the USA…

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    Watch the draw for PiFace competition prizes

    There were fifty pairs of PiFace kit to give away (PiFace Relay+ and PiFace MotorControl Extra) in our latest competition, and we got a good number of entrants…

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    The Nature Of Matter

    A Japan-UK research team has developed a large-scale first-principles simulation method for simulating very large systems containing a 100-fold larger number of atoms compared with conventional methods…

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