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    Top 10 Raspberry Pi design projects

    From retro game consoles and even a guitar to more serious designs for a security camera and a laptop PC, these are my top 10 Raspberry Pi design projects of the last six months

    Raspberry Pi makes IoT happen in the home

    A developer in Australia has demonstrated a real…

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    Mapping out IoT developments - London seminar

    Make sure you have room in your diary for our design conference and exhibition on the Internet of Things (IoT), which will take place on 3 December 2015 at the Brewery Conference Suite in London…

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    A supercomputer named Helen

    It’s not often you get the chance to name a supercomputer. But the opportunity arose with a competition at Imperial College to christen their recently expanded supercomputer, part of the College’s High Performance Computing Service…

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    Top Ten (less 5) Server Vendors

    Thanks to Gartner for this one – the top five server vendors in Q2 2015 measured by revenue:

    $. % share

    HP 3,428,089,692 25.2

    Dell 2,361,553,746. 17.4

    IBM. 1,869,261,145. 13.7

    Lenovo. 949,775,89 7.0

    Cisco 866,700,000. 6…

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    UK LED manufacturer to add 400 staff by 2017

    Plessey is to significantly expand its LED manufacturing facility in Plymouth as it bids to grab a share of the global solid-state lighting market.

    The company is making a £60m investment in the facility which manufactures LEDs using a novel gallium nitride-on-silicon technology.

    Plessey is planning to…

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    The Price of Early Success

    Kindle is an interesting case.

    The first one was a dream of a product. Battery life of weeks. Light. Easy to turn the pages. Could read in bright sunlight. Sold like hot-cakes.
    Then they wanted an upgrade path so they produced Kindle 2 – touch screen, heavier, thicker – a bit…

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