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    Design project: Raspberry Pi as an home audio server

    Thanks to Adafruit, the New York-based hobbyist online store, for spotting this Raspberry Pi design project.

    This project video from Linux Music shows you how to set up your own Raspberry Pi powered audio server, which can be used to store and manage your music in the home. 


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    Heat tape offers 0.8W/mK

    Bond-Ply 800 from Bergquist takes thermal conductivity to 0.8W/mK, and cures at room temperature.

    The double-sided tape is intended for attaching heat spreaders or heatsinks to assemblies like LED light engines, motor controllers, power converters, or high-performance processors.

    It has a fibreglass carrier and acrylic…

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    Farnell element14 collaborates with Leeds Beckett University

    Farnell element14 is partnering with Leeds Beckett University to provide new lab facilities at its premises…

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    Neat PC scope + sig gen + spectrum analyser lands on tech desk

    An unsolicited PC-based instrument landed on the tech desk at Electronics Weekly.

    It is the minimalist BitScope Micro (BS05), whose delightfully clever enclosure is a length of heatshrink sleeving.

    It combines:

    Logic analyser
    Protocol analyser
    Data recorder
    Spectrum analyser
    Arbitrary waveform generator
    Clock generator

    (Full spec below)


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    Highlights of what's new in Android 5.0

    Just to flag that Google has condensed the highlights of what’s new in Android 5.0.

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    Students - Imagination hosts robot programming challenge

    One for students readers of Gadget Master, maybe, from Imagination. The company is hosting a MIPS developer day featuring a robot programming challenge…

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