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    Artificial hand senses temperature and pressure

    A device to transmit manual touch sensations directly into the brain – inevitably dubbed a “bionic hand” – is being worked on by the universities of Leeds, Essex, Keele, Southampton and Imperial College London, led by Newcastle University.

    The aim is to develop an artificial hand that can sense temperature and pressure…

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    This backdoors row is going nowhere.

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    Gadget Watch: Nvidia extends Shield to 4K Android set-top-box

    The Nvidia Shield range is being extended to encompass a gaming and streaming video device (there is already an Nvidia Shield tablet and gaming handheld). “The best Android gaming on the go” is the company’s slogan for the so-called “microconsole…

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    Oh To Be In The Doghouse

    At least it’s not IoT but it’s almost as silly – Samsung has prototyped a £20k kennel.

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    Top 10 Recipients Of US Patents In 2014

    Thanks to IFI Claims Patent Service for this one – the top ten recipients of US ‘utility’ patents in 2014. Utility means technology inventions rather than aesthetic designs…

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    Lollipop platform share inches forward

    The latest Android platform stats, for March 2015, have been published by Google.  As always, they are based on active devices interacting with Google Play over the period of a week…

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