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    Japan is working on turning waste water into electricity, reports the Nikkei.

    Researchers at Tokyo University, Sekisui Chemical, Panasonic, the Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences and Osaka University are among the participants in the project which is being sponsored by the government body New Energy and Industrial Technology…

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    Eagle spreads its wings in the maker crossover market

    Premier Farnell is recognising the growing commercial importance of the maker/hobbyist designer market through its CadSoft software business.

    CadSoft has revamped the licence options for its Eagle PCB design tool which clearly differentiates between the products used by amateur makers and those maker designers creating commercial products.

    Online distributors…

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    How to build your own Android Wear app

    We wrote about wearables yesterday, and here is another post on a wearables theme. Bluetooth-based wearables, to be precise. Check out “Woolley’s Wearables – Android & Bluetooth…

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    China's FPGA Company

    To my surprise I find that China has an FPGA company. Founded in January 2014, Gowin Semiconductor of Guangdong has a two-device family of FPGAs called GW1N – GW1N-1K and GW1N-9K.

    They are made on TSMC’s 55nm process with an embedded flash block which can be randomly…

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    Top Ten (+9) Wireless Operators

    Here, thanks to Ovum, are the top 19 wireless operators:

    China Mobile
    Bharti Airtel
    China Unicom
    American Movil
    Singapore Telecom
    China Telecom
    Deutsche Telecom
    Telecom Italia
    NTD DoCoMo
    Telia Sonera…

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    Blockchain: What Can Go Wrong??

    The woman who nearly bankrupted the world is at it again.

    Credited with the invention of the credit-default swap while at J.P. Morgan, Blythe Masters is promoting a product called blockchain to banks and financial institutions.

    The iniquity of the CDW was that Masters persuaded the SEC that…

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