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    Another Day, Another M&A.

    The consensus wisdom is that M&A in the chip business destroys shareholder value so, boy, there must be some fools about. Last week Dialog-Atmel; this week Skyworks-PMC-Sierra; this year $80 billion worth and climbing.

    Skyworks’ CEO said the usual stuff: “explosive demand for high performance…

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    One in four tastes Lollipop

    Just to document the latest Android platform stats, for October 2015, which have now been published by Google. As always, they are based on active devices interacting with Google Play over the period of a week…

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    Fable: The Poetical Scientist

    One of the greatest of all scientists wrote poems, of which this is one:

    I know not what this may betoken,
    That I feel so wondrous wise;
    My dream of existence is broken
    Since science has opened my eyes.
    At the British Association
    I heard the President’s speech,

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    Raspberry Pi has £36 quad-core ARM rival

    Here’s another ARM-based, Linux running computer which costs less than £36. It’s the Odroid, remember the name.

    The company behind the Odroid range of Raspberry Pi look-alike affordable computer modules is Hardkernel of South Korea.

    ARM likes the look of the spec, as it has been…

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    Cardboard F1 karts crash and burn

    It seems like quite a while since Gadget Master reported on the first reaction of the Dyson team to some of the entries to this year’s James Dyson Award competition but somehow, where we are with that right now seems to have been lost in the end-of-summer…

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    Wonders Never Cease

    Wonders never cease in the semiconductor industry. Digitimes reports that the acquisitive Tsinghua Unigroup which has already bagged up Spreadtrum and RDA Microelectronics and has a $23 billion bid for Micron outstanding, is trying to buy Toshiba and SanDisk.

    Now SanDisk one can imagine is a possibility because it is…

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