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    What Bell Didn't Invent

    Alexander Graham Bell might have invented the aeroplane rather than the telephone.

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    Global smartphone shipments grew 30 percent annually from 1.0 billion units in 2013 to a record 1.3 billion in 2014 with Android accounting for 81% of shipments, reports Strategy Analytics…

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    March 24th Exit For Tabula

    Tabula, the 3D FPGA company with an Intel fab deal, is to close, reports SemiWiki.…

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    Qualcomm Stumbling

    Qualcomm predicts declining sales this year, its R&D spending is increasing less than its revenues and much less than the market, its top processor is criticised for over-heating, it has lost the top mobile processor slot at Samsung, it is losing out on design-wins in China…

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    Buy a posh HDMI cable?

    I am still trying to have a go with Imaginations Technology’s response to Raspberry Pi: the MIPS (rather than ARM)-based Creator CI20.

    Each time I try, I find one more piece of the jigsaw missing.

    This time, it was the HDMI cable – the thing in a bag I…

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    Fable: The Un-Honoured Prophet

    31 years ago a new type of memory was shown to the world.

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