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    Why cheap isn't necessarily the way to sell LED bulbs

    A guest blog, from a retailer that sells high-end lighting
    According to the United Nations Environment Program, there are approximately 633 million light bulbs currently in use in the UK. However, only about 20% of these are classed as ‘energy efficient’.

    Despite the potential energy saving benefits, homeowners are…

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    That photo-relay thing again

    Have I mentioned a have a soft-spot for photo-relays?

    Here is another one – the tiny (2.45 x 1.45 x 1.30mm) G3VM-21UR1/10/11 from Omron handles 20V and 1A, with an on-resistance of 180mΩ (220mΩ max) at a forward current of 5mA though…

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    Nice cut-away drawing

    Linear Technology has introduced LMT4632, a mini 3Aout 20Vin regulator – only 1.8mm tall, for PCIe, ATCA, microTCA Cards and the back of pcbs.

    Most importantly for me, there was a nice cut-away drawing on the accompanying slide presentaion – which is clickable above.

    I have been a little naughty…

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    The Technologist Whose Market Grew Too Fast

    Hal Philipp, founder and CEO of  charge transfer capacitive sensing specialist Quantum Research, sold his business to Atmel for $88 million.


    “I’m more of a technologist”, said Philipp in 2008, the year he sold QR to Atmel,, “I like the technology side. The business side has become almost…

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    Most read Gadget Master posts in 2014

    Here’s a Gadget Master Top Ten, but let’s ring in a change to mark December – let’s take a look at the year as a whole, to see the most popular posts of 2014…

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    Bluetooth Smart Starter Kit v2 takes Arduino in hand

    One for those interested in developing apps using Bluetooth – the Bluetooth SIG has updated its Smart Starter Kit to help speed mobile development…

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