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    Android 5.0 heralds SELinux Enforcing mode

    I hadn’t seen this covered before. Google has revealed more detail about the security improvements that will be part of Android 5.0…

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    Luminus 1W led under 2x2mm

    Luminus Devices has announced Cube, a 1W lighting LED in a 1.9×1.9mm package.

    Designed from scratch for lighting rather than backlighting, it has a 170 degree viewing angle.

    Efficacy is up to 143 lm/W, max power is 1.63W, and colour temperature spans 2,700-5,000K…

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    HaptoMime presents holographic interfaces

    I like a little bit of holography, so this one caught my eye!

    A team of researchers at University of Tokyo, lead by Yasuaki Monnai, have created a virtual screen dubbed HaptoMime, it uses reflective surfaces to create a holographic display.

    How does it work? An ultrasound system mounted on…

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    Lumileds adds 6.5mm CoBs for spots

    For spotlights and directional lamps, Lumileds has added a 6.5mm emissive diameter lighting led to its range of CoBs.

    Called Luxeon CoB 1202, firm claims it can deliver 65,000 candelas at a 10 ̊ beam angle – without clarifying if this is +/-5 or +/-10 ̊ – and sees it used in…

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    LED thermal test in 300ms

    Thermal testing of LEDs on a production line need only take 300ms, claim’s Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

    Its technique is called ICTA – In-line compact thermal analyser technology. “ICTA employs in-line thermal resistance testing with a rate of 12,000 LED units per hour,” said…

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