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    Top 10 most popular articles on

    Here are the top ten most popular articles on in the last week, with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the NXP-Freescale acqusition dominating things…

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    Gadget Watch: Frogo Digital Swiss Army Knife

    As you get older, or have kids, a belt-and-braces approach becomes ever more compelling. Have I got everything? is the constant nagging question. Well, here comes a “Digital Swiss Army Knife” addressing such concerns, for the outward bound at least. The Frogo…

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    Why The Iotatron Never Caught On

    Why is a transistor called a transistor?

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    Roads and Signals

    Roads work well around the world. Governments mostly own the roads with users providing their own means to access them i.e. cars…

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    Nvidia streams in with Android TV gaming

    Just to flag this one we’ve covered on Gadget Master – Nvidia extends Shield to 4K Android set-top-box.

    Think of it as a powerful set-top box with a streamed gaming service. Based on the Android TV platform, and supporting  4K content (60 fps), it was announced at…

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    Bridgelux waves good-by to CRI

    For its Vero Decor range of lighting CoB leds, Bridgelux has ditched the traditional CRI measure of white quality and gone for ‘gamut area index’ (GAI), claiming the Décor Class A products are the first commercially available LED arrays on the market to meet the full Class A Colour…

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