Seabright Brewery, Santa Cruz

Seabright Brewery 519 Seabright Avenue # 107 Santa Cruz, CA 95062, United States of America (831) 426-2739 David Manners writes: “Visited this outstanding establishment at the weekend (27/3/11). The Pelican Pale is an excellent hoppy little number, the staff are great, the seating arrangements are spacious and comfortable, there was a good crowd of happy-looking bunnies. All in all sitting ...

The Faultline Brewery

The Faultline Brewery Company 1235 Oakmead Parkway Sunnyvale California 94085   Nigel Watts very kindly sent this in and says about it: “The Faultline is right in the heart of  the Valley, close the the HQ of AMD, just of 101 and Lawrence. It’s very popular, always busy, huge range of beers brewed on the premises. Good food. I never ...

Katie Blooms, Campbell, California

Katie Blooms Irish Pub Restaurant?   369 East Campbell Ave Campbell 95008 CA   Tel: 408 379 9687   raig Durgy writes: Katie Blooms in downtown Campbell, an Irish Pub, has an axcellent Guinness among some others. A popular youth hang out. 

Karl Strauss Brewery, La Jolla

Karl Strauss Brewery & Restaurant 1044 Wall St # CLa Jolla, CA92037(858) 551-2739   The beer’s OK but the atmosphere is impaired by its aspirations to being a posh eaterie