Acal BFi picks up gold for Honeywell S&C

Acal BFi has received the 2011 Distributor Gold Performance Award for Europe and the rest of EMEA from Honeywell Sensing and Control.

“Acal BFi developed many new business opportunities with top OEMs and generated significant growth for Honeywell during 2011,” said Tony Sugalski, president, Honeywell Sensing and Control.

Honeywell sensors and switches are typically used in harsh applications such as military, aerospace, medical, industrial or offshore equipment.

“The combination of our expertise in designing for these extreme environments, with Honeywell’s innovative and robust sensing and control products, enables customers to reduce the development cycle for end-products which offer the most stringent levels of reliability and integrity,” said Philippe Gruson, president of Acal BFi’s electronics division.

The award was presented at a Gala Dinner during the European 2012 Sales ‘Kick Off’ meeting held in Budapest and attended by around 120 delegates, including senior US and European Honeywell managers and product personnel, in addition to representatives from Honeywell distributors and agents.

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