Aluminium electrolytics are target for Avnet Abacus

Avnet Abacus has been recognised by Panasonic for its success in selling the company’s low ESR aluminium electrolytic capacitors.

Last year the distributor almost doubled its 2009 sales figure.

Stock availability was a big factor. 

“We have first-rate technical teams who will be driving sales of Panasonic products by providing technical support for customers’ new projects,” said Hagen Götze, European marketing manager IP&E at Avnet Abacus.

Panasonic is going after the tantalum replacement market with new higher capacitance values in its V-FT series, radial low ESR components and SP capacitors, which are notable for their small size.

“The capacitance increase combined with the miniaturization offered by Panasonic’s new FT-series positions these as a possible replacement for tantalum capacitors,” said Götze.  

The award was presented by Mr Hiroyuki Hamato, factory director of Panasonic Electronic Devices Japan, to Hagen Götze, European marketing manager IP&E at Avnet Abacus.

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