E-ink display supplier targets the industrial market

Gleichmann Electronics has signed a pan-European deal with e-paper displays supplier Pervasive Displays.

And don’t think the target market is only consumer devices like e-readers. The plan is to push sunlight readable e-ink displays into industrial systems.

Berend Rietberg, v-p of business development at Pervasive Displays, believes that it is only a matter of time before electrophoretic displays, because of their technical advantages, will make their way on a large scale into industrial applications.

“Due to the low power consumption and the very good optical characteristics of EPDs, the industrial interest in EPDs and complete modules has noticeably increased over the past months,” said Rietberg.

PDI’s current product portfolio includes eight electrophoretic displays (EPDs), commonly known as e paper.

The smallest of the standard products is the 1.44 inch (3.6 cm) panel and the largest product is the 10.2-inch (25.9 cm) panel.

The distributor will offer evaluation kits and display modules.

A complete module (EPD 7.4-inch ECO-Sign) – including control system, integrated ZigBee transceiver and a built-in battery – is available from Gleichmann Electronics for the 7.4-inch (18.8 cm) e-paper display EPD CW74AS181.

“EPDs are significantly superior to any other display technology in applications where greatest possible energy efficiency is required,” explained Torsten Mindach, Line Manager at Gleichmann Electronics responsible for the marketing of EPDs from Pervasive Displays.

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