Keep taking the tablets, say chip suppliers

The tablet market is seen as the major opportunity for chip firms over the next five years or so. 

With wireless packages with operators and new usage models through cloud computing and mobile applications see as the key, market watcher In-Stat forecasts a growth trend which will push tablet shipments toward 250 million units in 2017.

“There are more growth opportunities as a result of price degradation, and new tablets from major consumer electronic companies like Samsung, Motorola, BlackBerry, LG, and HTC,” said the market analyst.

“Over the next few generations we will see more differentiation between devices that are targeting different market segments and usage models. In addition, competitive device and service pricing will bring tablets into the mainstream consumer and enterprise markets,” said Jim McGregor, chief technology strategist.

The 9-inch to 11-inch form factor is forecasted to be the dominant tablet form factor with 56%of the market in 2017.

iOS and Android are forecast to maintain over 90% of the market share with Windows as a distant third.

“Not supporting one of the leading OS platforms is likely to lead to the failure of several companies in the tablet market due to lack of application support,” said In-Stat.

New In-Stat research, The Reality and Ramifications of Tablets

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