Neutral white LEDs are hot for distributor

Bridgelux has introduced neutral white versions of its ES and RS multi-die lighting LEDs.

The LEDs are available from Digi-Key following a worldwide agreement with the online distributor.

Set at a colour temperature of 4,100K, ES devices offer 400, 800 and 1,200 lm.

“These new products deliver an increase of more than 40% in energy efficiency over previous neutral white product generations while reducing the price per lumen,” claimed the firm.

The 4,100K RS device delivers 3,400 lm, expanding the existing 3,100 lm warm white and 4,500 lm cool white RS range.

ES and RS LEDs are square: respectively 25 and 50mm across. There is also a ‘star’ version of ES.

Typically RS devices operate at 2.1A with a forward voltage of 26V.

Bridgelux also manufactures ranges of solid-state light sources delivering 240 to 4500 “hot” lumens across a broad range of colour temperatures.  

“The demands of an emerging customer base vary greatly between discrete HBLEDs, arrays to fully turn-key solutions,” said Dave Doherty, Digi-Key’s v-p of semiconductor product.  

Digi-Key groups its solid state lighting products lines in the Lighting Solutions Technology Zone on its website.

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