X-Fab high temperature CMOS chips clear 175 deg C

German foundry X-Fab has pushed CMOS operating temperatures up to 175 deg C.

The absolute maximum is specified at 185°C.

The 0.35µm XA035 process will offer high-voltage and embedded non-volatile memory elements and is intended to meet the AEC-Q100 qualification tests for automotive ICs.

The mixed-signal foundry is offering a new tool that calculates expected IC lifetime for a given application profile which will be used to determine lifetime/temperature trade-offs.

“We expect the XA035 process with its range of support and accurate temperature effect modelling will open new markets for high-temperature engine management applications in the automotive space and for energy-conversion products,” said Thomas Hartung, X-Fab’s v-p of sales and marketing.

Target high-temperature applications are likely to include valve control for factory automation, brushless DC motor controls, sensor interfaces, or drilling or jet engine control.

The process covers voltage ranges from 3.3 to 45V. It also comes with small-area EEPROM blocks including a charge pump, meeting automotive quality requirements. 

XA035 supports parasitic diode modelling. This new feature enables pre-layout parasitic diode leakage simulation and lets designers simulate leakages at high temperatures early in the design flow.

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