LED Lighting Watch: Portugal turns on 10 cities

UK LED lighting suppliers will perhaps take some comfort from what they see happening in Portugal.

Local operator EnergiaViva has installed LED street lights in 10 towns and cities and work on a further 20 Portuguese municipalities is expected to be completed within a few months.


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  1. With regards to the coming of age of the LED lighting, we will see street light moving to LED. The simple control of immediate on or off is important for safety and energy consumption. As the home controls outside most houses the easy approach of turning a street light on as a passer by walks or intelligent systems switch road lights on 200m in front a car.
    I spoke to Harvey Tait of Gleichmann Sunrise, he has spoke to local authorities and companies. He has a working LED street light demo, its very good, if you are looking to dabble or want to see what its looks like call him.

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