Mouser takes on heating technology used in hybrid vehicles

Mouser has signed a distribution agreement with Conflux, a Swedish manufacturer of what it calls a superimposed impedance polymer compound which provides efficient heating.

The technology is used in hybrid vehicles being developed by Saab.

The main product technology is ZPZ foil which is based on the SIP compound (Superimposed Impedance Polymer).

The ZPZ foil is an electric, self-regulating heating element based on the intelligent SIP compound. The ZPZ designed, three-layered structure consists of two copper sheets separated by a SIP core.

conflux.jpgEach point on the foil surface automatically regulates its heating power to accomodate for varying thermal loads and ambient temperatures. Efficient cooling and/or low ambient temperature gives high power and vice versa.

Stock includes ultra thin, low-cost polymer PTC Discs that are available in AC or DC in 12V, 24V, and 48V. In addition, Mouser is stocking 6/12V LCD heaters in 3.5″ and 7″ standard sizes. ZPZ foil is also available in 12V and 48V. 

“Their intelligent heating products will expand the design options for engineers and allow them to conceive ideas not possible in the past,” said Barry McConnell, Mouser senior v-p of products.

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