Raspberry Pi inspires 240 school-children

Children at St Saviour’s Primary School in Paddington had the chance to write their first ever computer code when they learned to programme a robot crocodile using a Raspberry Pi computer.

With the industry crying out for staff with programming skills, Raspberry Pi has been created specifically for children to learn programming skills.

So those budding coders at St Saviour’s had the chance to write programmes using the free software Scratch to control a Lego robot crocodile, using equipment sent by special delivery from Lego’s Education HQ in Denmark.

0000b.jpgPractically, the 240 pupils were able to take part in 20-minute workshops on Raspberry Pi computers. 

Members of element14’s Raspberry Pi team were on hand during the programming workshops to provide support and live updates from the day on the element 14 community.

“We’re keen to create a legacy for the initiative by purchasing the Raspberry Pi’s and Lego robotics kits to enable us to run a computer club with parents and teachers working together and bringing these invaluable IT skills into the curriculum,” said Ms Lindsey Woodford, head teacher at St Saviour’s.

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