Steve Rawlins is looking for “one more big chip line”

Anglia’s CEO Steve Rawlins does not believe in bloated linecards. This is a rule he has adhered to in putting together the distributor’s semiconductor offerings.

Now Rawlins thinks there is room for one more major chip line to sit alongside its biggest chip lines – STMicroelectronics, Intersil and Microchip.

But only one more.

“We are looking at it closely, but it has to be a big one,” says Rawlins.

And then that’s it?

“Well yes, we only have room for one more bluechip line,” says Rawlins. “I do not want to risk damaging the lines we already have.”

Rawlins is not saying who he is looking at, but there may be a clue in plans for a new defence and aerospace business.

The distributor is planning to create a high-reliability specialist business in the New Year and according to Rawlins, he is looking for new chip franchises for that business.

Will it be an FPGA?

Probably not, but you can see where I’m going with this, can’t you? – hi-rel, FPGA, Actel.

Surely nothing is that simple?

For the record, Rawlins is saying nothing.

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