Intel/AMD watch out Freescale MPC8641 goes multicore

With all this talk of Intel and AMD dual and quad cores, the sleeping giant of the multi-core processor battle could be PowerPC. Freescale is demoing its MPC8641D dual-core device based on Power Architecture technology at the second annual Multicore Expo Conference and Exhibition on March 27-29. This is the firm’s first dual core Power processor and if EEMBC is to be belived the results are pretty impressive.

Freescale has taken two of its top rated e600 Power Architecture cores running at 1.5GHz. Each core has its own ECC-protected 1MB backside L2 cache to avoid thrashing. The per-core AltiVec 128-bit vector processing engines commonly achieve a 2x to 12x performance increase as demonstrated by EEMBC benchmarks. The EEMBC-certified benchmark scores are available free of charge on the EEMBC Web site “This provides further reinforcement of the value of the Power Architecture,” said Markus Levy, president of EEMBC. The chip is already shipping and being used by 60 custmers, said Freescale.

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