Linux lies at the heart of another Silicon Valley takeover

Linux lies at the heart of yet another big takeover deal in silicon valley.

Linux lies at the heart of yet another big takeover deal in silicon valley.

That was why, in part, Intel bought Wind River.



  1. Well the author should explain a little bit.
    I can imagine it’s difficult for voluntary developers to test all combinations of OS’s on a multi core system for every multi-core system. There are just so much combinations possible it’s not practical anymore to do it in free time and not everybody has all OS’s available.
    Which makes it less likely to be good and/or consistently, and/or reliably covered by FOSS-software. On the other hand, a lot of testing (not all though) can be replaced by standards compliance and standard compliance tests on the several components, this is where FOSS-software shines, especially open source software.
    Free and Open source is easy to test, just download and try it out. This seems to outweigh the drawbacks mentioned in this post. And that’s why there is a lot and very good FOSS-software in these area.

  2. You said “the running of multiple OS on a multicore system is unlikely to be reliably supported by free open source software”
    Not only is this statement already arguably untrue, I don’t understand the basis for the statement at all….what am I missing?

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