MSC joins Intel embedded computing initiative

MSC Vertriebs has joined Intel’s Embedded Building Blocks initiative, intended to offer system integrators and resellers aoute to board-based embedded products.

With target applications in industrial automation, MSC Vertriebs will offer its COM Express modules and standard baseboards as well as Mini-ITX enclosures from DSM Computer.

Wolfgang Eisenbarth, marketing manager embedded computer technology at MSC Vertriebs said: “All components – even in large quantities – are manufactured here in Germany.”

“Resellers can select the optimum devices for their customer’s application from our scalable COM Express modules, similar to a building block system,” he added.

A total of seven COM Express module variations, based on various Intel processor types, are currently offered by MSC.

These range from second generation Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, each with dual-core, to Atom Z5x0 processors.

“The cooperation with MSC is especially interesting for us because MSC it develops and manufactures high-quality and recognized COM Express product solutions based on our processor families,” said Martin Engelhardt, manager strategic sales development at Intel.

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