Circle of inventors – patent credit where it’s due

On a recent trip to AMS it was interesting to see this in one of the company’s corridors: the “Circle of inventors”.

AMS Circle of inventors

AMS Circle of inventors

It dynamically cycles around the employees behind the 371 patents apparently held by the Austrian analogue and sensor specialists. They were happy to let me photograph it.

Pictured, for example, is one Karl Georg Waser, responsible for two patents

Of course, it’s internal marketing, only for the benefit of employees, but it’s good to see credit being given where it’s due. If only more companies valued and encouraged their staff to achieve higher things…

Do you know of any other examples of engineers getting the spotlight? Leave a comment below.

Incidentally – it’s great what you can find on the Web – the “Circle of inventors” may need updating. My random snapshot leads to this specialist patent website that lists five patents to Mr Waser (and AMS).

For example, one of them is “Voltage-converter arrangement and method for voltage conversion” (US Patent 2011/0187339)

An object of the present invention is to provide a voltage-converter arrangement, a circuit arrangement with a voltage-converter arrangement, and a method for voltage conversion that have harmonic waves at only predetermined frequencies.

In one embodiment, the voltage-converter arrangement comprises an arrangement input, a voltage converter, a control device, and an arrangement output. The voltage converter is coupled on the input side to the arrangement input and on the output side to the arrangement output. One control output of the control device is connected to the voltage converter.

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