Could health care be the Google Glass killer app?

Don’t know quite what to make of Google Glass? You’re not alone. There’s undoubted potential in AR, but is this the right delivery mechanism?


Well, here’s an interesting article that looks at possible medical and health care uses for the Google device – some novel implications for diagnosis, surgery, and virtual medicine.

Thanks to Melissa M., of SoftwareAdvice, she writes:

A lot of coverage of Glass focuses on the consumer angle – privacy concerns, how it’s really just a glorified hands-free smartphone, whether it will “destroy people” (thanks, Noam Chomsky). But I think the use of wearable technology in the medical field could be game-changing. A “killer app” in health care could actually be a “lifesaving app.”

See Will Google Glass Change the Face of Medicine?

It speculates on three areas where Glass could have an impact:

  1. A Second Opinion and Reference Library for Diagnoses
  2. A Heads-Up Display for Surgeons (pictured)
  3. Eye on Site for Virtual Medicine

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