Football fans in anti Wi-Fi protest

This one made me smile. Normally people welcome a Wi-Fi service, not actively protest against it.

PSV's Philips Stadion

PSV’s Philips Stadion

The fans at PSV Eindhoven are so committed, apparently, to supporting their football team they don’t even want the option for any distraction within the stadium.

The Guardian writes:

Supporters’ groups believe the introduction of the technology is just the latest in a series of decisions intended to gentrify the crowd at home matches, with stewards clamping down on standing in sections of the ground where supporters have preferred not to sit for a number of seasons. “You can sit at home” and “Stand united” banners were also held aloft.

I do have sympathy for the Dutch fans as it could be described as the technology equivalent of the prawn-sandwich. However, even without Wi-Fi, people could always browse the Web, update their Facebook status and generally tweet aimlessly on their phone’s mobile network, Wi-Fi or not.

That boat has already sailed. Or should I say, that packet has already been sent…

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In a further technology twist, the club itself was founded by Philips – PSV stands for Philips Sport Vereniging.


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