What caught your eye this week (31/01)?

The Electronics Weekly team share their picks of the week, in terms of announcements, developments, product releases, quotes or anything else in the wider world that caught their eye in the last seven days…

Smart Nixie Tube 4

Richard Wilson, editor

…What is more elusive than the Higgs boson particle? This story by Steve Bush gave us the answer – Magnetic monopole found

David Manners, components editor

What caught my eye this week was Micron’s attempt to sack 40% of its Italian workforce without compensation, prompting an international diplomatic incident with the US Embassy in Italy asking Micron to send some top-level execs to Italy to sort out the mess.

Sue Proud, production editor

Well there are wastes of good technology and then there are WASTES of good technology. This one is a waste of the grey matter that designed it.

We’ve seen some great uses for sensors in the past few weeks, everything from detecting medical symptoms to helping robots navigate, but this one is supposed to tell the difference between frogs and princes. Quite depressing really.

Alun Williams, web editor

Working on Gadget Master, retro Nixie Tubes always catch my eye and the Smart Nixie Tube (pictured) is the latest example.  On KickStarter it is described as the first expandable Nixie Tube display with built-in Arduino Uno compatible hardware. And there’s LED accent lighting, too.


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