Aprio chief exec makes ultimate sacrifice

John Cooley has this great post on his Wiretap page on Deepchip about the chief exec of Aprio, Mike Gianfagna (pictured left), who seems to have done the honourable thing and laid himself off. Cooley quotes EETimes’ Richard Goering, and adds:

And I must cite Gianfagna's honor as a leader for laying himself off during these bad times -- a lot of CEOs would cut anyone but themselves in a time of corporate crisis.

Aprio is an electronic design automation start-up in the design for manufacturing sector, and Cooley describes the troubles in this area as the "DFM Deathwatch".

Yes, DFM got a LOT of hype at the recent DAC, but the reality is that means we're in the Death Watch for the bulk of these DFM start-ups. It's exactly like watching the Titanic sinking.

The big four EDA firms - Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor and Magma - are likely to end up with one technology each, leaving it would seem, space for just a couple of independents.

In ESNUG 453 we listed 27 companies as passengers doing DFM, 21 of which were start-ups. That's waaaaaay too many companies to keep afloat in this niche; now it's just a question of how are they going to die. I see 5 to 7 lifeboats when the fog clears.


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