Choosing the wrong degree at university

According to my colleagues at, a third of graduates believe they chose the wrong degree.

One in five employees who graduated in 2005 said they should have chosen a more business-based course or a professional qualification, the study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) showed.

Now I don’t know about you, but I thought that I’d picked the wrong course about 24 hours after turning up at my halls of residence at the tender age of 18. This highly critical analysis was based purely on the fact that electronics undergrads had to attend over 20 hours of lectures per week plus practicals, lab work and assignments. Contrast this with my new-found drinking buddies:

  • English – eight to ten hours in the lecture halls plus some reading – nice.
  • Nordic Studies – that’ll be five hours a week plus a bit of reading (optional), and you have to go skiing at Christmas – cushy.
  • Media Studies – politeness prevents me from commenting on this choice of study.

Some 20 years later my feelings have changed somewhat, in that I’m gainfully employed (no, really, honest – publishing does count) and I can look a person in the eye when asked what degree I took. So to all those fresh graduates who think they’ve chosen badly – wait a few years, and see what life brings.

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