Electronica: We’re all a bunch of nerds

Last night at Electronica we had the Industry Awards event. It’s the second time we’ve held the event in Munich, and it went down really well. Comedian Dominic Holland was the presenter for the night, and he did a good job of taking the piss out of the whole industry. Apparently we’re all a bunch of nerds. Quite right too. My blogging colleague David Manners still hasn’t seen the naked woman in Hall A6. The problem is, it doesn’t matter who has seen her, not one single person can remember the name of the company.



  1. ..err don’t know if I should admit this and it might sound about “nerdier than thou” – my score was 97.

  2. Thanks Ian – I like number one. Apparently I am nerdier than 81 per cent of the population.

  3. Nerd’s New Year’s Resolutions
    1) Be more nerdy
    2) Read more Dilbert
    3) Get rich
    Resolution 1-3 seem achievable but resolution 4 is a pipe dream.

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