Napier comments on Electronics Weekly blogs

The blogs provide the opportunity for opinion and comment: something that is rarely provided by journalists in our industry… In electronics, editors perform a different function: firstly they provide an intelligent filter for the information and secondly they aggregate information and opinions about particular topics in a very efficient way.

Mike is pre-empting the launch of a handful of blogs on the site, each covering a different sector of the industry, and each written by an expert in that field. This is a crucial point for us: our blogs aim to give readers analysis and information they couldn’t ordinarily get hold of. Our first guru blogger was Gary Nevison of Farnell, arguably the UK’s number one expert on legislation, who is writing Directive Decoder, which looks at issues such as WEEE and RoHS. We’ll soon be launching blogs on parallel processing, test and measurement, mil/aero and high reliability, IP and silicon-on-insulator. Back at Napier, Mike reckons it would be good to get someone of the calibre of Bob Pease to write a blog:

Perhaps the new blogs on Electronics Weekly will produce a contributor of the calibre of Bob Pease, whose articles for Electronic Design on subjects from Floobydust to PLLs are required reading for almost every engineer at some point in their careers… if EW could find another writer like Bob, I’d read the blog every week!

What – you mean you don’t read our blogs everyday Mike?

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