Only Connect: Apple’s new doc connector

For all you Apple tech junkies out there we have some news for you.  As reported at the tech blogs Tapscape and The APPera, the Taiwan website – notoriously known for circulating leaked images of Apple devices ahead of formal release dates – has done it again.  
This time, images reportedly leaked from Apple’s internal inventory reveal a white dock connector with a 90-degree tail end for an iPad-like device – speculated to be the iPad3, owing to the fervid amount of attention being paid to that device’s anticipated release.

No telling, however, whether the pictured connector might not actually be for the rumoured iPad HD or even, it has been suggested, the quasi-mythical iPadPro tablets.

It's not the first time the rumour mill has swirled over these small, but not insignificant parts of these no-doubt-soon-to-be-everywhere tablet devices. That it swirls at all may tell us something about how pervasive the footprint of this technology might very soon be.

Either way I think this is a first for a UK blog, so quite literally you heard it here first!


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