Only Connect: Product innovation – Coaxicom adjustable RF Connector

Welcome to another post in the series by Nick Locke, of Nicab Ltd, who has over 15 years experience in the electronics manufacturing industry specialising in interconnection cable assembly.
We all know the demands on RF Connectors and Cable Assemblies to work ever higher frequency at low loss can be a problem. Selecting the right cable and connector combination is critical. Get it wrong and you will be plagued is poor signal and too much db loss.

Well, necessity is the mother of all invention and clever engineers are always looking for ways to solve problems - enter the Coaxicom adjustable RF Connector, which according to their product launch info resolves cable assembly phase shifting.

Coaxicom say that to rectify problematic cable assembly phasing, telecommunications companies have had to continually search for ways to modify existing components to improve efficiency and match time phasing.

In order to develop a seamless conversion, electrical engineers have been challenged to modify cable lengths and phase lengths to achieve the desired results, often by trial and error. Now, Florida-based Coaxial Components Corp., has created an innovative solution to overcome these obstacles by providing a technologically-advanced phase adjustable connector that was long overdue.

The Coaxicom 3993 series of Phase Adjusters are designed to deliver a means of phase adjustment over frequency ranges up to 18 GHz. The 3993-1 SMA RF Phase Adjustable Adapter has an adjustment range of 180° minimum and a maximum VSWR, with insertion loss of 1.30:1 and 0.42 dB, respectively.

The company also offers two other variations. The 3993-2 and the 3993-3 are phase adjustable connectors with SMA plugs for direct solder to 0.141" and 0.086" semi-rigid cable or COAXICOM ULTRA-FLEX, respectively.

This is another example of great engineering that not only solves problems it also makes choosing RF a more viable option where frequency issues may have been too problematic to design in. 

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