Only Connect: Proud of the Made In UK mark

Welcome to another post in a new series – Only Connect – by Nick Locke, of Nicab Ltd, who has over 15 years experience in the electronics manufacturing industry specialising in interconnection cable assembly.
In my previous blogs I have discussed manufacturing in the UK and how we must first create a positive image in our heads about how it is possible to survive and thrive in UK Manufacturing.

I was reminded of this recently when I had the opportunity to visit Marshall Amplification, a company that is not only a British Icon and known worldwide but still manufactures 99% of its products in the UK.

I am always fascinated by companies that continue to manufacture in the UK and I asked the question why? The answer was simple and very powerful.

"Because we want to" was the response I received. I am amazed that these guys know they could easily have their products manufactured off shore at a dramatically lower cost but they choose to continue to manufacture in the UK because they are committed to the UK brand and the UK workforce.

And you know what they have plenty of competition out there and competition that is being manufactured overseas.

One of the reasons they still sell tonnes of their product is simply the message that it's a great British product and people still want to believe in the idea that we in the UK are great at producing high quality products. They say "you can copy but never replicate our quality".

So you're probably thinking that's ok for Marshall, how can that possibly apply to us? Well if you manufacture a product why not market yourself as world class best-of-breed and be proud to have that MADE in UK mark.  

If Marshal can still do this when their competition can reproduce their produce at a fraction of the price then so can you if you can just get the message right.

I am surprised that more companies are not advertising the fact they are UK manufactured. I wonder what would happen if someone took a product that was made in the UK blasted this message all over the world and sold it as a premium product against another identical product that was listed as mass produced in the Far-East? Well, I can guarantee they would sell loads of the UK product at a higher value.

So who is brave enough to give it a go then?

Nick Locke, director at Nicab Ltd, has over 15 years experience in the electronics manufacturing industry specialising in interconnection cable assembly. Driven by a passion for interconnection he spends a great deal of his time searching out the latest technology and innovation in interconnection & manufacturing in general.

Keen to pass on information his aim is to engage the electronics community in the subjects and issues he believes are important. Totally devoted to the promotion of the electronics manufacturing industry he sees the future of electronics manufacturing as vital component in the UK economy.

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