Only Connect: The future of interconnect technology

Welcome to another post in the series by Nick Locke, of Nicab Ltd, who has over 15 years experience in the electronics manufacturing industry specialising in interconnection cable assembly.
If you’re like myself, you constantly think about the future and what technological advances will come. In my case, interconnection is a particular interest.

There have been many predictions of the future including this video featuring Walter Cronkite in the 1967 show "The home office of 2001". It is comical to watch now, but there is a serious point.

What are the new technical developments currently being worked on now and which will be in the market place over the coming few years?

Carbon nanotubes will be the next significant breakthrough and this great article by Katherine Derbyshire goes into great detail on the subject.

In short, one of the barriers to Moore's law is the physical properties of the raw materials such as copper. Nanotubes resolve this issue.

The future is very close and I am very confident that we will not be reading articles like this in the future with the same sense of comedic value as the video above.  Nano technology is going to be here soon - we just don't know how soon - but when it does appear on the market place you can be sure we will be among the first to report on it.

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