Sharp and 10th-generation display technology

Have written about Sharp and its plans for a huge “Manufacturing Complex for the 21st Century”, for producing LCD panels, using 10th-gen glass substrates: Sharp builds for 10th-generation glass substrates

According to Sharp, the LCD panel plant will be the first in the world to use them. Such such substrates measure 2,850 mm x 3,050 mm, and are 60% larger than the 8th-generation substrates already used by Sharp. They will mainly be producing LCD panels for large-screen LCD TVs – in the 40-, 50- and 60-inch class, with each substrate yielding 6 panels in the 60-inch class, 8 panels in the 50-inch class, or 15 panels in the 40-inch class. The 1.27 million square metre complex will also produce energy-creating thin-film solar cells, and the company hopes the site will attract third-party businesses to the area, to take advantage of the specialised infrastructure.

“The aim,’ says Sharp, “is to achieve vertical integration that transcends the barriers between companies by pushing the vertically integrated business model created at the Kameyama Plant–from LCD panels to LCD TVs–further upstream in the supply chain.” “This will create an unprecedented, revolutionary business presence offering advantages such as reducing distribution costs and unifying operations, including production planning.”

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