LED lighting to take over the world?

A recent round table discussion brought together a group of LED lighting experts, with the talk centred around the possibility of high power LEDs replacing the general purpose market for bulbs.

..the use of higher power LEDs as general purpose lighting sources, which have the potential to replace filament bulbs and even fluorescent tubes, has now become one of the most interesting component markets in the industry

Organised by Electronics Weekly, the expert opinion came from firms such as Osram, Dialight Lumidrives, EBV Elektronik and PixelRange. Opinion was mixed on how quickly LEDs would, for example, start to replace fluorescent tubes in general lighting applications.

“That is the Holy Grail for manufacturers, that white LEDs will enter the traditional consumer lighting markets,” Allan Morris from PixelRange.

“The Chinese took the cost out of compact fluorescent lights and they will do the same in the white LED lighting market. I won’t say the domestic market won’t happen, but for us it is a long way down the list,” Gordon Routledge, managing director of Dialight Lumidrives

Unfortunately for white LED makers, they still need to double the efficiency of their emitters to rival fluorescent tubes, which can reach 100 lumen/Watt.


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  1. Front lighting is also quite common, but tends to make the subject look flat as its casts almost no visible shadows. Lighting from the side is the less common, as it tends to produce glare near eye level. Backlighting either around or through an object is mainly for accent.

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