WEEE recycling registration looms large

An article at New Electronics from Graham Pitcher reminds manufacturers and importers of electronic equipment that registration on a WEEE recycling scheme is mandatory by March 15 – just six weeks away. Update: Richard Wilson has also written the story as Firms must act to meet WEEE compliance deadline at Electronics Weekly. Producers have to cough up a registration fee to a compliance scheme and state how much electrical and electronic equipment they placed on the market in 2006, and whether it was for household or business use According to Liz Parkes of the Environment Agency:

We have now started to approve the compliance schemes that applied to us during January. Producers of EEE in England and Wales have until 15 March 2007 to join an approved scheme.

Graham's story comes on the same day that a firm called WeeeCare said it has received a licence from the Environment Agency to become a recycler. The firm reckons recycling under WEEE could cost just £6 per tonne. There's tons (ha ha) of data on the Directive at the Environment Agency website.


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  1. yep, it’s 6 GBP per tonne on the basis that it’s sold on for export as working equipment. Reprocessing in the Uk isn’t cheap and seperation of assemblies (metals, plastics and circuit boards) takes labour, not machinery. You can’t shred the waste and then say it’s recycled. The mis-match of dross left over can’t be seperated and there is no possibility of resource extraction from cross contaminated shredded plastics or steel.

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