Eben Upton on Raspberry Pi Compute Module

It’s pleasing to see our interview with Eben Upton – founder of the Raspberry Pi foundation, and one of the creators of the Raspberry Pi – is being viewed by a lot of people on the site.

Eben Upton - founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Eben Upton – founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Ahead of changes in format and design next month, he discusses the reasons for the design changes in the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module…

Our first question, for example is:

Q: What prompted you to develop this new compute module and why have you changed the form factor?

Eben Upton: Yes, this has been a busy year for us. The Compute Module was a concept that James Adams, Director of Hardware Engineering, came up with. We’ve seen lots of different applications for Raspberry Pi over the past couple of years, but something that did take us a little bit by surprise was how some equipment designers were incorporating a complete Raspberry Pi into their end system. Typically these are systems that are for low to mid volume industrial or commercial equipment.

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