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Never have I come across such an honest sales website.

I am looking for some sort of magnifier because I am going cross-eyed machining the finer bits of the Mark 6b bicycle headlight. of Watford offers a wide range of magnifiers, from some seriously wonderful stuff, to some lesser products only there because they sell cheaply.

More of the serious stuff later, but it is the descriptions of the lesser stuff that tickled me.

For example

Loupe 10X15
10x magnification, 15mm dia. lens. Plastic and aluminium construction, a ‘beginners’ loupe. Some people say, “Is it really only £3.00? It’s a bargain!” and snap it up; other people say, “Why does the image appear wobbly?”
As a serious jewellers loupe, this is a no-no.
As a magnifier for a child for looking at insects, it’s OK


Plastic Loupe, 3 lenses combined
Large lenses, three lenses of approx. 3X magnification combine to give approx. 10X magnification, truly awful optical quality but quite popular at the fairs – all those lenses and all that magnification, and all for £3.00.
As regards the construction and the optical quality I would classify this as ‘yuk’.

The serious stuff is describer seriously, and I am seriously tempted to get one of these:

10X12 Jewellers Loupe 4 Element
The 10X may not be large but size is not everything: the image is the best of all the loupes (with the possible exception of the Zeiss) – perfect to the very edge of the lens (‘flat field’ – that’s rare!). 

[UPDATE – I bought one and it is evey bit as good as described. Clear right to the edge.’Alice’]

Although following the rather neat on-site guide to using magnifiers, I might buy one of these instead:

Clip-to-Specs Double Mag, 2.25X, made in USA
Good quality lens, made in USA. Quite nicely constructed.
The makers reckon the quality is as good as Zeiss, personally I don’t think it’s THAT good…but pretty good, say, better optical quality than the Chinese (and far better than the Indian) but not quite as good as the German Zeiss.


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