An Engineer in Wonderland – An LED down lighter

We are Electronics Weekly Towers were anxious to get out hands on a Helieon LED module, particularly to see how that clever team of Bridgelux and Molex…

ledceiling-thumb.jpgCurious to get our hands on a Helieon LED module to see how the bayonet-fit change-it-like-a-light-bulb system worked, we asked around for a sample. 

Exled came to the rescue and sent us one of its Helieon-based Aeon down lights.

This was a brand new unit that had to be returned, and it didn’t want to come apart easily so, for fear of scratching it, we didn’t dismantle it to examine the finer points of the light engine construction

ledceiling-web.jpgWe did power it up though, through the power converter that Exled thoughtfully provided.

I can confirm that this thing produces bucket loads of beautifully smooth illumination – see the picture.

This not a run-of-the-mill 50mm downlighter.

It resides much more at the professional end , with the cylindrical box at the back housing a substantial heatsink.

The box is over 100m in diameter – fitting through a 110-150mm circular cut-out.

Very nice.


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One comment

  1. Thanks for the idea Mr Kurt.
    After we had to sell the Electronics Weekly Rolls Royce and the Electronics Weekly apartment in Monaco, I though it would be a little cheeky to ask for a scanner.
    Actually, I could have solved the problem with a little more courage, or a phone call to Exled to ask them where to lever and how hard.

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