An Engineer In Wonderland – Cunning packaging

Call me boring, but I quite like packaging.


I like the Quaver-like eco-filling chips that are made of corn instead of expanded polystyrene.

And plastic bags full of air are a neat idea.

I particularly like the packaging that Amazon uses to trap books between a sheet of plastic and a sheet of cardboard.

It solves the restraint problem with very little material.

package-closed-thumb-475x300-46123.jpgI am guessing that in this case the plastic has to be an elastomer, so is a bit more expensive than run-of-the-mill polythene.

By the way, the gear is an ancient French thing that I friend kindly put together to keep my equally ancient tandem going for a few more years.

Good quality 6 and 7 speed screw on blocks are almost impossible to find these days.  


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  1. Thanks Tony,
    I suspected they had a proper name.
    Now I can call them book wraps, rather than saying: ‘you know, those cardboard things with plastic film in tension’.

  2. Hi, another packaging fan here. I like the antistatic bubble strips which have really large bubbles. You can seperate them, open up one seam and, hey presto, you have an endless supply of anti-static bags.

  3. Alice, it’s great you like packaging. I am in the industry and it is an interesting business to be in.
    Amazon have a really slick operation, they use millions of those ‘book wraps’ and they do a great job in getting the product to the customer undamaged.

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