An Engineer in Wonderland – Digging up a surprise

Some while ago I confessed to being a fan of the Casio W-59 watch.

muddy-watch.jpg Some while ago I confessed to being a fan of the Casio W-59 watch.

And by a complete coincidence, or a yet-to-be understood facet of quantum mechanics, I dug one up in the garden the other day.


The strap is broken, but otherwise it seems to be functioning perfectly, despite being buried for the four years I have owned the house, and heaven knows how long before that.

The photo shows it after I wiped the face. Any lack of display clarity is down to my photographic technique.

Another Brownie point to Casio for its best ever watch IMHO

And half a point to the previous owner for his excellent taste in watches – This would have been a whole point if his DIY ability had been anywhere near his DIY confidence.


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  1. Kitsunezuka Takamori

    Nice. I used to have a Casio F-87 watch, which I would wear daily, until the screen was destroyed by cold.

  2. Hi Steve.
    I am not sure an AQ160W is for me – too many hands. Although the digital display loks good.
    The spec says it is 19mm thick – can that be right?
    BTW, The watch that I dug up was 1h 20m off real time.
    At worst, his could be a random time.
    At best, if it was buried set to GMT, it has only gained 20min in all that time.

  3. I’m a big fan of the humble and reliable Casio watch too, but like a bit more style, and reduced geek factor.
    I recently picked up a Casio AQ160W. It has analog hands, but also features a digital display in the background. This lets it appeal to the analog guys out there, while still providing the digital features that are so handy. No plans to bury it in the garden, though…

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