An Engineer in Wonderland – Energy harvesting and supercapacitors

I came across a rather good article on using supercapacitors to buffer energy harvesters.

It was written by Pierre Mars of supercap maker CAP-XX, and published in the Journal of Energy Harvesting.

There is plenty about leakage, and even the problems of charging from 0V  when the chemistry needs a little kick start, it appears.

It ends with an application circuit including a vibration harvester from Perpetuum.

 – Although there is a potential flaw in the circuit, I don’t think a MAX9107 could be used for the two comparators as the chip has a common power pin and the circuit requires them to be fed from two different rails.

A most interesting article.


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  1. There was a magazine news item, entitled ” Engineers Beware ” , some years ago …
    It recounted , the story of two college students who created some circuitry for an April fools prank. It was used by an employee of a company, and it led to big problems for that company..
    Does anyone know what that circuitry was?
    I have suspicions about a “6dB coupler-detector circuitry”, that I have come across, and I feel that it may be prank circuitry.
    Thankyou , Gordon.

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