An Engineer in Wonderland – Engineering Nobel Prize

It is nice to see that the Royal Academy of Engineering has stepped in to fill a hole in the Nobel Prizes with the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering.

 – Much in the way that the Rolf Schock and Crafoord Prizes fill the maths hole, and the Turing Award does for computing.

So I got to thinking who in the past I would like to give a Queen Elizabeth Prize to.

As far as I can make out, it can go to an individual, a team of two, or a team of three.

So here is my quick list: – sorry if I have any facts wrong, it is off the top of my head.

Stirling – heat engine
Trevithick – high-pressure steam engine
Brunel – civil engineering
Faraday – transformer
Marconi – radio transmission
De Forest – triode valve
Tesla – ac power transmission and the induction motor
Konrad Zuse – computer
Barnes Wallis  – the geodesic construction (R100 airship and Wellington bomber)
Tommy Flowers, Turing, Max Newman – Colossus code cracker
Frank Whittle – jet engine

Possible – but both are AFAIK four people
4004 design team
ARM design team

Who unfortunately cannot be included
James Clarke Maxwell – Pure science
Turing for On Computable Numbers – Pure mathematics

Any suggestions?


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