An Engineer in Wonderland – Loo roll holders, and a loo brush reprise

Not that I am obsessed with loos, but I do like stuff that works well.


The traditional commercial loo roll holder has a large roll of paper whose momentum means it needs careful handling if the paper is not to break early, or the loose end is not to disappear from view.

This rather nice design, from Paperstream, still holds loads of paper, but in conventional low-momentum rolls.

Once one is finished, the spent cardboard tube drops out of the bottom through an annular slot in the bottom cover. This allows the next one to be slid into action, and a spring clip keeps the ones above from pressing down on the active roll.


Last month, I was bemoaning the lack of curved loo brushes in the British market.

Several of you proffered advice, most of which I have tried to take.

First, it transpires that Habitat only sell the dandelion variety.

But the extensive web trawl that followed – search for bent rather than curved toilet brush – revealed a couple of UK firms selling sensibly shaped brushes for a few quid: Hill Brush and Complex Cleaning Supplies (PDF).

Sadly, buying one rather than 100 has proved a little difficult.

Turning the local high street up side down also only produced dandelion brushes, although Wilkinson’s does sell them mounted in the sensible open sided holders that allow the brush to dry rather than gather a pool of water in a sealed holder.

Calculations indicate that £25 should cover the huge postage and packing needed for one curved brush and a nice open-sided holder from the High Street.

Call me mean, but this seems a little steep – although most affordable compared with the £183.83 version I spotted on Amazon – still with the wrong kind of brush.

So I am still in the market for a loo brush.



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  1. You and me both. Total bemusement at lack of curved toilet brushes. When did ‘they’ stop manufacturing them for household use?

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