An Engineer in Wonderland – Strange aerials on La Palma

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I know my place, and realise that aerial design is not for me and must be left to those with pointy hats and wands.

So could one of those good folk tell me what this kind of aerial is and why it is better than the traditional Yagi-Uda or log-periodic.

They were spotted on many houses on the Canary Island of La Palma, all pointing east – possibly towards the larger island of Tenerife – and mostly pointing slightly upwards.


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  1. Alfredo Mendozo

    The Televes DAT 75’s little brother, the DAT 45 is an exceptional UHF antenna – highly directional, well-designed to minimize multi-path, and more durable than antennas several times the price. That the orange parts fall off is bullocks, provided it is installed correctly. There is an upper VHF/UHF version – DAT 45 Mix – that is one of the world’s finest aerials for digital reception.

  2. Thanks for all that information.
    For all those who knowas little as I do about aerials, I came across this rather sensible site with loads of measured TV aerial wisdom while looking up the DAT 45.

  3. It’s neither of those it’s a Televes DAT45 Tri boom. The triple boom does nothing for this aerial except make it look wonderful, you may get 2db. The secret of this aerial is in it’s MRD marginal rising device co-located with the pcb board balun and between the driven element. As much as an extra 12-15db can be achieved. Down side of this aerial is it’s to big, windloading causes it to be very poor with DTT, it’s not as directional as Televes would have you believe and those plastic yellow flashings fall away after about 3 months in wind. All right for the sunny Med but not windy Scotland…

  4. Well it appears to be a Labgear LAB450W: –
    but even they don’t tell you why it is better, but presumably the extra directors will work even if the vertical alignment is a bit out, as
    stated in the article.
    Televes make them too.

  5. This is a DAT 75 aerial from Televes Pro. I also first noticed them in Spain a few years ago now but you can get them over here now from Maplin etc. The extra 2 sets of elements appear to give 2-3 dB extra gain over an equivalent normal single set of elements, or X shape elements.
    Keep up the good work!

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