An Engineer in Wonderland – Tin opener obsession?

Always nice to see a thoughtful piece of design, wherever you find it.

tin-opener2-web.jpgAlways nice to see a thoughtful piece of design, wherever you find it.

I came across another neat tin-opener this weekend – the first was the classic P-38.

This one seems to be designed with safety in mind as it cuts through the thick part of the rim and at the same time rolls away the sharp edges – my photo sadly doesn’t really do the result justice.

tin-opened2-web.jpgWhile I wouldn’t run my fingers along the resulting edges deliberately, they are nothing like as sharp as edges left by openers I have come across before.


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  1. IMHO, corrosion and bacteria are small prices to pay for tin opener elegance.
    And to be fair on this rather neat one, food does not get onto the cutter because it slices into the join and stops at the seal, rather than through the wall (or lid) and into the contents.

  2. the only problems i have with this style opener (regardless of brand) are:
    1- whatever steel they are made of is not “stainless” enough to prevent some rusting
    2 – food tends to collect behind the cutter wheel and behind the idler wheel.

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