EMC eye candy

An interesting  video blog was bought to my attention.

EEVblog 202 on YouTube

EEVblog #202 is a trip around the largest EMC facility in the Southern hemisphere.

And, having spent a small part of my life inside an RF test chamber with an expert, it made me once more admire the wizards who really understand this stuff – for RF fault-finding is surely the stuff of magic.

David Jones runs the blog, knows his stuff, and covers a huge range of subjects.

His excitable style might take a little getting used to…




  1. And Mr K, for you to be impressed with an EMC chamber it must be good.
    Ours used to be plain inside, no spikes at all 🙁 and it was pretty small – just me, the guy who knew what he was talking about, and the LISNs 🙂
    However, I did get to stand in the big one at the National Physical Laboratory – that was impressive. I think it was the one in the photo on this page: http://www.npl.co.uk/electromagnetics/rf-microwave/products-and-services/emc-antennas.

  2. I love the part where they open the big door! Good heavens!
    I’ve been in a few EMC chambers, but have never seen any foam spikes that long either. Very impressive! Seems like the chamber ought to be used in a sci-fi movie or something. 🙂

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