Interesting home is delivered on a truck

My civil engineering friends get a bit fed up with the impractical musings of architects – the ones that end up in things which can’t be built because concrete just isn’t strong enough, or they know the roof will leak, or what ever.

Interesting truck-deliverable home

Anyway, when savvy architects get together with imaginative engineers, wonderful stuff can emerge.

Take a look at this interesting idea for a home that can be delivered on a lorry.

That said, and what do I know, I feel a bit of a curve around the top would be nice.

La Machine Home is completely pre-fabricated off-site, and has a lot in common with a mobile home.

The inside is beautifully done in wood.

I wonder if the roof leaks…



  1. Hi Steve
    The funny thing is, the sea doesn’t seen to be anywhere near, even though it looks like a conning tower.
    I read somewhere it might have been inspired by Airstream caravans (‘trailers’) – the older examples of which are beautiful things IMHO.
    A lovely idea though.
    Given my way, I would have something similar, but round, and with maybe three stories, with a place on top from which to watch the sun go down.
    Oh heck, I am day dreaming again, of a grain silo with windows and a flat roof.

  2. Someone was thinking outside of the box….

    It is certainly unique! I can’t decide if it was inspired by a nautical theme, as suggested by the port holes, or if it was derived from aeronautical themes. It does appear that it could be a slice from an airfoil. I wonder how well it handled quartering winds while being towed down the road?

    I’m not ruling out the possiblity that it might actually be a partially flattened grain silo too…

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