‘Magic circuit’ took a lot of work

There is a ‘magic’ circuit on YouTube.

Ostensibly, you can watch Fredzislaw100 build it here, followed by its rather unusual behaviour.

Or you can trust me in that the assembly all looks legit and just watch the unusual behaviour.

You can guess a few ways of doing it.

Fredzislaw100’s circuit is here, and I confess it is much neater than the idea I had, and the video goes on to show construction details of the tricky bits.

I suppose I am most impressed that all the components were assembled onto the leds without making it obvious.

There are more creations from the designer here.

Thanks to Midisticks for drawing my attention to this one.


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  1. Hi Steve
    Glad you liked it.
    It is good that someone does cunning and entertaining stuff like this to make people think.
    Not sure I would have the patience or the time.
    That said, I did once spend two weekends failing to make an effective electromechanical striking mechanism for some tubular bells for a clock.
    Do you think failed-tubular-bells would be youTube hit :-/

  2. Hi Alice,
    Hey, that magic circuit is really clever! Thanks for pointing it out.
    I wonder how much spare time you have to have in order to come up with something like this??
    It does make you wonder what else could be done to add switches and leds. More frequency selective circuits? Maybe a way to address the leds? It would be hard to make it as compact as what has been done in the video!
    Steve K

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