Mini-connectors for PIC ICSP

Olimex PIC ICSP adapter

Once more dreaming of making things, I started to puzzle over finding small connectors to allow in-circuit programming (ICSP S=serial) of a PIC as well as to allow a couple of push-buttons to be detached.

The standard PICkit 3 connection is a 6way 0.1in header, which is a bit big and a bit tall.

It transpires that there are already two favoured solutions.

Forgive me if I get some names wrong here, but the options appear to be either: Olimex (Molex PicoBlade) or SparkFun (JST ZH) – see below for details.

BTW, Olimex has a handy PICkit 3 to PicoBlade adapter board, and SparkFun stocks this and other Olimex stuff as well as the correct ZH connector.

Most of the usual distributors carry the parts, and even has the JST ZH (search SparkFun ICSP).

Does anyone know which is the more ‘standard’ version, and if there are any more in common or commonish use?

For connecting the push buttons, it turns out that the radio control folk use 3pin versions of both ranges so it is possible to get all parts for both PicoBlade and ZH.

Molex PicoBlade is 1.25mm pitch connector, and Olimex uses a six way version.
Vertical header 53047-0610
Mating housing 51021-0600
Housing contacts 50058-8×00 (28-32awg) (x=0 for reel, 1 for bagged)
Housing contacts 50079-8×00 (26-28awg)
Ratings are 125V 1A (26, 28, 30awg, 800mA for 32awg)
30 mating cycles
4.2mm high
3.2mm wide
9.25mm long (2way 4.25mm, 3way 5.5mm)
Detailed spec is hereMulticomp might do an equivalent

is a 1.5mm pitch connector, and SparkFun uses a five way version.
Vertical header B5B-ZR (also B5B-ZR-3.4 for 1.6mm pcb)
Mating housing ZHR-5
Housing contacts SZH-003T-P0.5 (28-32awg)
Housing contacts SZH-002T-P0.5 (26-28awg)
Ratings are 50V 1A (26awg)
The board-mount bit is:
4.5mm high
4.5mm wide
9.0mm long (2way 4.5mm, 3way 6.0mm)
Detailed spec is here

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