Tiny vibration sensor is easy to use

 In need of a vibration sensor?

In need of a vibration sensor?

Don’t want the complexity of an accelerometer?

How about a miniature implementation of an old-fashioned rattling-bits-of-metal switch.

Fuji has a very tiny (2x2x1.2) version called CMN200.

If this is a bit too fiddly to handle, there is the 10x10mm CMN200-K
evaluation board that can take a couple of flying leads, or a similar through-hole model – MN530-02S model

I discovered this device in a comment to a bike light blog by miceuz on WeMakeThings – bought to my attention by the ever-watchful Andy C via Hackaday.

Looking at miceuz’ circuit (scroll down) and, while it is a neat idea, I balked at the use of a 10MΩ in a damp environment like an un-sealed bike light – as reduction of the resistor will shorten the time the light stays on.

So, one for those that live in deserts?

Also, it rather relies on low leakage through the tantalum.


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