You can help small kids learn to programme

Some of us folk got to meet Linda Sandvik and Clare Sutcliffe, the two amazing women behind a plan to teach programming to primary school kids.

Called Code Club, the idea is to have once-a-week after-school programming clubs for 9-11 year-olds in as many schools as possible – 530 schools have signed up so far.

This is real programming – using MIT’s Scratch – not lessons in using Office-style applications.

Each club has its own volunteer programmer from industry – which is where you might come in – plus how ever many teachers the school deems necessary.
Lance Howarth of ARM, which is putting some money into Code Club, said two programmers/club is better than one, just in case one is away on business or some such.
He was also generous enough to point out that Scratch runs on Windows/x86, Lunux/x86, and Maces, as well as Linux/ARM machines.
BTW, it doesn’t run on iPods.

Sandvik and Sutcliffe are providing the curriculum, so volunteers don’t have to prepare lesson plans – the hard stuff is done for them.  

If you are interested, there is a more detailed requirement profile on Electronics Weekly’s website (scroll down), or get it off the Code Club website.

BTW, if you are a software engineer who is not familiar with Scratch, programmer Sandvik said it takes a day max.


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