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Apple, Google bury the legal hatchet

Google square

Must quickly record this one, for posterity and to refer back to… Apple and Google wisely agreeing to bury the legal hatchet, settling all outstanding smartphone lawsuits against each other. “Apple and Google have agreed to dismiss all the current lawsuits that exist directly between the two companies,” said a joint statement last Friday. “Apple and Google have also agreed ...

Microsoft adds Motorola Solutions to its list of Android licensors

I try to keep track of the companies signing up for Android-related licensing agreements with Microsoft. Patent protection is how I think of it. Well, to the list of the likes of HTC, Nikon and Dell, we can now add Motorola Solutions. Thank you to The Register for pointing out that it is not that Motorola – the Motorola Mobility ...

HTC works around Apple patent issues

I meant to flag this one last week - following up on the patent 'issues' (read legal wranglings) surrounding mobile device interfaces for platforms such as Android. See - HTC bypasses Apple patent ire for 2012 Android range