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Remix OS plays Android on the desktop


With software giant Microsoft still desperately trying to win the favour of mobile users with the latest Windows 10 – which launched in late July last year – Android, the world’s most used mobile OS, is looking to encroach on the company’s coveted PC market. And this time it is not Google at the helm, writes Tom Wilson.

Qualcomm Snapdragon series comparison

snapdragon comparison

Apropos of nothing, but maybe a handy bookmark reference – I was just catching up on the Qualcomm smart home reference platform demoed at CES earlier this month and came across a very detailed spec comparison for processors in the Snapdragon series, the engine room of many an Android device.

Google stabilises Android Studio v1.5

Android Studio 1-5

Ha! Just caught it. Found myself updating Android Studio (investigating using Firebase, but that’s another story) and the new version 1.5 is what I now have – Google has just updated its Android IDE (integrated development environment).