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Droidcon London 2016 opens Call for Papers

Droidcon London 2015 - Droid at the Business Design Centre

The organisers of Droidcon London – which is described as the largest Android developer conference in Europe – are calling for papers. The 2016 event runs at the Business Design Centre, in Angel, on October 27th and 28th 2016, which are a Thursday and Friday. The organisers write: We’re putting on two days of expert lead talks by the champions ...

Google promises faster building and emulation with Android Studio 2.0

Android Studio 2

Just to record – you can now find Android Studio 2.0 on Google’s stable release channel. It’s available as an update or separate download. Android Studio is Google’s official development environment for building Android apps, including such things as code analysis tools and emulators, as well as code editors. The headline features both involve saving development time: Instant Run functionality ...

Marshmallow Android gets traction

Marshmallow Android platform share March 2016

Google has released its latest Android platform stats, for April 2016, based on active devices interacting with Google Play over the period of a week. At last, the thing that stands out is the growth for Marshmallow Android. Its platform share has doubled in the last month, albeit from a small base. Version 6.0 – represented by API level 23 – now records 4.6% of platform ...

Google previews Android N early

Android N

The times they keep a changing. A sign of ageing used to be that policemen were getting younger, now it seems that dessert-based versions of Android fly by ever sooner. We’ve only just had Marshmallow for ‘M’ (v6.0 API 23) and here comes ‘N’.

Firebase sparks Slack community

firebase slack

Firebase, the realtime database and cloud services specialist, is launching its own Slack community. The idea is that it will be a place to “discuss all things Firebase”, such as app ideas and feature requests and general feedback on Firebase functionality. Slack – a “messaging app for teams” – is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that started up in 2013, ...

Android Support Library 23.2 boosts backwards compatibility

bottom sheet

As soon as you start building an Android app you are forced into a decision on how many devices you’re aiming to support. The more you widen the range of compatibility for your app, the more you sacrifice using the latest and greatest features of the newest versions of Android. The Android Support Library helps militate against this, however, by enabling some newer features ...